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Desalon Manshad: Happy Friday and May the Fourth be with you all!! I'll see if I can get some Shii Cho Formula primer reps in when I get the chance! May 4, 2018 13:25:35 GMT -5
BRAWLER: Hope everyone had a great May the 4th! May 4, 2018 22:41:35 GMT -5
Desalon Manshad: Hey Everyone, little heads up, I might not be able to train for a little, recently got back from this overnight hospital trip from this episode my body had due to dehydration and overheating/overdressing, so my right arm and shoulder are pretty bruised atm Jun 2, 2018 14:40:23 GMT -5
Desalon Manshad: But I'll be sure to train when I'm able to! Hope everyone is having a great day and May the Force be With You! Jun 2, 2018 14:40:55 GMT -5
Furiora Helseare: Wow, been a while huh? my costrocondritis got super bad so I was basically bed ridden for the last couple of months, but I think it's finally on the way out. Not going to be training for a while yet just to make sure I don't aggravate it. Jun 2, 2018 20:01:20 GMT -5
Furiora Helseare: Looking forward to resuming my training though Jun 2, 2018 20:01:30 GMT -5
Lord Rian an Dioltais: Hi everyone, new boot walking make way. Jun 7, 2018 3:21:33 GMT -5
Lord Rian an Dioltais: Honestly though, glad to be here. Jun 7, 2018 3:22:51 GMT -5
kaanapuclan: Acknowledged Jun 14, 2018 20:09:07 GMT -5
henspspevo: Hello again Jul 15, 2018 12:36:08 GMT -5
henspspevo: Hello there! Jul 15, 2018 12:36:37 GMT -5
Desalon Manshad: Hello! Lately my arm has been feeling better, so I should be good for doing some more primer training Jul 22, 2018 21:18:29 GMT -5
BRAWLER: Hello all! Summer is here in full swing! I hope everyone is taking advantage of the beautiful weather and getting outside for their saber practice! Hope to see everyone post up online, what we've been working on. Jul 24, 2018 10:12:05 GMT -5
DarthRevic: hello all Jul 30, 2018 16:54:55 GMT -5
BRAWLER: Hello Darth Revic! How goes the training? Jul 31, 2018 9:55:58 GMT -5
Furiora Helseare: Because I'm still struggling with the saber position due to my huge gut (that I will one day get rid of), is the saber required to be facking backwards during front stance? Aug 2, 2018 14:01:39 GMT -5
BRAWLER: Keep at it Furi!! Slow and steady friend, progress will come! 😊 Aug 4, 2018 7:17:49 GMT -5
Mitchell Theron Patrick: Hello, I’m new to the idea of lightsaber dueling and I still need to get a lightsaber. I was wondering if TPLA still conducts classes as I live in Michigan. Oct 18, 2018 3:43:47 GMT -5
Mitchell Theron Patrick: If anything comes up or you have tips/suggestions for me, please message me. Thank you! Oct 18, 2018 3:46:59 GMT -5
Dark Angelus: Greetings to all. I am already in a class called River City Jedi. Learned so much already and they do use TPLA as part of their guide lines and forms. Dec 12, 2018 10:28:19 GMT -5